Full Day Bollywood Tour


Mumbai Filmcity Tours: 12:20 pm to 02:20 pm

Ø      2 Hours Guided Tour.

Ø      Visit to famous locations in Filmcity viz - Helipad, Lake, Court, Church, Temple.

Ø      Famous Reserve Garden, Khandala Bridge.

Ø      Glimpse of live shooting from bus.

Ø      Overlook film/TV serial sets, exploring interesting and unknown facts of bollywood.

Ø      Facility to make the memories of this wonderful tour photograph.

Ø      Visit to outdoor studio Location.


Bollywood Studio Tours: 03:30 pm to 05:30 pm

Ø      2 to 3 hours Guided Tour.

Ø      Snacks with Refreshments.

Ø      Arrival at Shooting Sight.

Ø      Escorted to a specially created studio.

Ø      Documentary on Bollywood industry.

Ø      Documentary on 100 years of Bollywood Cineama.

Ø      Brief Information on Studio.

Ø      Live Bollywood Dance Performance.

Ø      Visit a live shooting set.

Ø      Peek at the behind-the-scenes activities of movie making.

Ø      See the technicians at work.

Ø      If possible, look into star’s make up rooms.

Ø      If possible, have your picture taken with a Bollywood actor.

Ø      Bollywood Café.

Ø      VFX , Croma effect, cinematography etc.

Ø      There are pre design sets like police station, Raj Mahal, Central Jail, Hospital, Bank, Office etc. Irrespective of shooting is happening or not.

Ø      Arrive at Bollywood Museum where you will get a glimpse of famous bollywood actor’s posters and photographs and then you will be escorted to an air-conditioned Dance Hall with decorated stage and music system in Bollywood style.

Ø      Bollywood wall of frame specially made and designed as per tourist attraction.

Ø      Rehman wall of Frame.

Ø      Bollywood Broadway.

Ø     Tourist will get an experience to sing a song of their choice.





Full Day Tour Price for Indian National Clients: Rs. 4,600 Per Person. (Without transportation).



Full Day Tour Price for Foreign National Clients: Rs. 7,000 Per Person. (Without transportation).