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Live Show Tour
Live Show Tour is a tour mainly made and designed for hardcore shooting fans and those who want to experience how a shoot is conducted. It is a very interesting tour not only for Indians but for foreign tourists as well. In this tour, all the visitors will be taken to a well-known national TV set, will get to experience live shooting, and will be escorted to a specially created studio. Here is a chance to see an entire set, along with the cast and crew at work.

Live show Tour will be a Shooting Tour of 1 Hour and 30 mins, where the Tourist will have to Visit a live TV Serial Set and Watch TV Serial Shooting. The particular TV Serial set will be made only for that Particular TV Serial Shooting. The Tourist will get to see Live TV Serial Shooting from Very Close. They will get to see the Behind the Scene Activities like Editing, Direction, Camera Framing, Sets managements, Property managaement, clues, man power handling, linghtings, and many more. The Tourist can meet the actors and the actress. They even can get a proper chance to click Photos and selfies with them. And if Permission given then they can also get to set the Environment inside a Real makeup room.

Let us take you on a tour of the well-known studios of Mumbai where the shooting of films and television series takes place. We take the tourist to LIVE shooting places where they can observe their favorite Bollywood stars in action. Our trips are the result of years of experience in performing Bollywood based trips for people from all over the world. We give contact with pre-production to write manufacturing, TV Serial Sets at a very cost-effective price.